oscar's 2011 worst dressed

Now for my 2011 Academy Awards worst dressed there where deffinantly 3 star's who got it as wrong as wrong get', the first is Anne Hathaway in Valentino couture she would have been my overall worst dressed if she didnt change into that beautiful blue Giorgio Armani Prive couture gown during the telecast but as for this dress its just a disaster it looks like it should have came with a bed skirt and bustle, the tafetta its made from looks unexpensive, the rosette detail's look like tomato's and to top it off shes wearing so much make-up its ridiculous. Then there's Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana now this lace dress is just textbook of exactly what not to wear to the oscar's, most of the dress is transparent, she's trying to rock an out of date trend, you can see her bra which is just tacky and the colour just dosent make an impact on the red carpet, the only redeaming factor about this look is the hair, its look's amazing. Finally the worst from the oscar's was deffinantly Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior it looks like a cross between a kimono and a bad wedding dress, the split is way to severe, the skirt is clunky, the embroidery looks tacky, the fabric of the dress looks unexpensive , the jewlery doesnt match and to finish off a look worthy of worst dressed is a hair do that is way to stiff and doesnt match the dress, nicole sort it out kida

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