No more dior

 Im sure everyones heard about John Galliano getting fired from dior because of an accusation of racism and antisemitism and then the sun released a video that two women took of John Galliano having an anti semitic rant in a paris bar so effective immediately he was suspended as creative director of dior but then after some time to deliberate and a few choice words from Natalie Portman who was in line as spokes person of a new dior perfume he was fired and i couldent be happier i have been waiting for this day for a while now, i was getting really bored of his collection's for dior and ive found him quite stale, he is an amazing designer no one can deny that he's in the history books as a fashion great but i think this is the perfect time for dior to re-brand itself with a new creative director, Riccardo Tisci has been suggested but i cant see that happening i could however see someone the likes of Stephane Rolland taking over or even Christopher Kane but with his Versus contract thats probably not going to happen. But your guess is a good as mine all i know is im happy for the change.

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