Bill Blass fall 2011

Right to kick off my coverage of New York fashion week i thought id show Bill Blass fall 2011. The collection that was shown at Monkey Bar in uptown New York was supposed to be "a look back at Bill Blass's roots" say's current designer at helm Jeffery Monterio. I thought the whole feel of this show was so 'nonchalant' it just had this sort of easy and effortlessness to it due to the much more of a "cleansed palette" that was shown instead of the usuall boldness of Bill Blass, then the setting is just a perfect match for the collection itself and the styling is just simple and clean to mirror the collection itself. If i did have some criticism about this collection it would be that i just wish there would have been a bit more life to it and also a bit more experimentation with the clothing itself but overall a very good collection.

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