Rag and Bone fall 2011

Rag and Bone is another of those label's that's gradually making itself one of my favorite's and one of shows i really do look foward to every season and this season was no different in my opinon it was the best show from new york. Its always interesting when you see a label less thats less than a decade old because each season you see the label develop its own signature style that defines it from all of the other designers that show at fashion week, you can deffinantly see that happening with Rag and Bone with the company starting out as a denim line its already developed into menswear, womenswear and accessories. I loved Rag and Bone's fall 2011 collection it all just worked for me it said fall /winter, it was intersting and it was sexy and the stripes running through the collection to give it an almost grand prix sort of feel was just amazing, MarcusWainwright and David Neville really have outdone themselves.


G-star fall 2011

For me there where 2 shows from new york fashion week that absolutely smashed it, the first of which was the G-star show,  i loved the menswear i loved the womenswear i just loved the whole collection. In my opinon everyone should get there arse's out there and buy at least one piece from the G-star collection for next winter (i'd suggest the ankle length navy quilted skirt for the women).


I love my shoes

I love my velvet tuxedo shoes even though they are a bit tattered from overwearing but i dont really care i think there amazing, I just wish i could afford a Tom Ford pair.


3.1 phillip lim fall 2011

 Phillip lim is gradually making himself one of my favorite sportswear designers and the 3.1 phillip lim fall 2011 collection deffinantly didnt dissapoint, He said that he wanted his collection to be based around the colour green but i dissagree i think the collection itself was more based around the loose fitting silhouette aka the loose fitting, ankle croped trousers made in lethers and silks which i thought made the collection. I also really liked the long sack dress's made in silk and chinched in with a belt, it was the volume that was created that i really liked.

ralph lauren fall 2011

 Everyone knows im in love with asian models (theve just got this perfect mix of sexyness and elegance its amazing) so when i saw the theme of the ralph lauren fall 2011 show i was like fuck yeah! but i cant say the same for the collection i felt that 50% of the collection was really good but the other 50% just didnt match up to standards. The first half of the collection was what let me down there where one or two good looks but the other's just lacked something and felt a bit bland to me. The strength of this collection was deffinantly in the second half when the lights went out and the evening looks started to be shown that was what 'sort of' saved the collection.


Jason Wu fall 2011

The Fledgling designer that Michelle Obama thrust into the spotlight certainly is making a name for himself with his show being one of the most anticipated of New York fashion week and he certainly didn't dissapoint. The collection itself started of with a mix of prim and proper silk blouse's and black slack's mixed with sportswear in the form of a series of wool coats, the collection then quickly moved into a more romantic feel with dainty black lace mask's made by Maison Michel worn with lace embroided blouses and elegant skirts. One of my favorite looks from the collection was the white tuxedo jacket worn with a white blouse, bow tie and black skinny slacks and sunglasses, the whole look is just so carefree almost like she's thinking "yeah im cool and i know it". Altogether a more modern street wear inspired collection for Jason Wu who is obviously trying to dissociatiate himself from the "first lady" look.

Marchesa fall 2011

The Marchesa fall 2011 collection was all about the whimsy with the use of tulle twisted around the body and excessively long chiffon trains falling from fully beaded gowns. The collection was based on Charles Dickens' Miss havisham who Gerogina Chapman and Keren Craig used as a muse but with designer Prabal Gurung quoting that he used the same character as inspiration for his collection only days earlier it must have been a blow to the design duo but luckily the collection's were completley different with Marchesa taking a literall inspiration from the character with the slightly gothic feel to the collection which i bloody loved.

Christian Cota fall 2011

Christian Cota was deffinantly one of the standout shows from New York fashion week just simply for the understated quality of the collection, hes not trying to hard to be 'edgy' and different. I loved the slight traditional japenese feel to several parts of the collection then with accents of red running throughout the collection to tie it together, a particular standout was the deep red dress with the wrap skirt worn with red tights and boots.