The tall silver women

The second trend we saw at yesterday's Academy Awards was a parallel to the actuall awards that where being given out with the affectionate nickname "the little golden men" so it was quite funny that alot of the women did show up as "tall silver women" in Silver, Off-white or Pale Grey gown's in a sort of unintended satirical parallel. My favorites rocking this trend are Michelle Williams in this pearl embelished Chanel column dress i think she looks beautiful here just because of the simplicity and its such a drastic impovement from her look at the Golden Globes. Then theres Hilary Swank in this silver gown embelished with colour faded feathers, I loved this look just because its very easy to go over the top when it comes to wearing feathers but Swank has kept it simple with the make-up and hair and lack of jewlery which makes it so cool and elegant. Finally there's Celine Dion in Giorgio Armani Prive deffinantly the best when it comes to this trend, i mean shes another star who has just had a baby and look at her body already not to mention the dress is beautiful and makes her look like this edgy, futuristic, statue.

The scarlet women

The lady in red was deffinantly apparent at yesterday's Academy Awards, with the star's taking a sultry, sexual approach to red carpet and showing up in red or scarlet gowns, my favorites are Sandra Bullock in this strapless Vera Wang, i think its the structure of the bodice that makes this dress also the way she has styled herself matchs the dress perfectly. Then we have Penelope Cruz in L'wren Scott and all i can say is Javier Bardem is one lucky man, i mean she has only just given birth and she's already hitting the red carpet looking hot as hell. But the winner for sexiest woman on the red carpet has to go to Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein collection, Calvin Klein's signiture is the simple formfitting dress and its the reason why its one of my favorite labels but its just ridiculous how sexy she looks. Finally there was Ed Catmull's daughter, Jeannie Catmull who i think looks the best out of everyone rocking this trend, i think she sort of looks like a cool new age bond girl.