what the fuck should kate wear?

With the royal wedding coming up i think the most important question everyone is asking is what / who is she going to wear? and if shes going to follow in the late diana's foot steps. Aparently there are several cohoices being considered including alice temperly, Alexander Mcqueen, and Erdem. Right now Bruce Oldfield (one of diana's favorite designers) is the bookys favorite to be commisioned to design kate's wedding dress.
 By looking at his dress's its hard to see why he wouldent be chosen to design kate's wedding dress, his design have this classic elegance to them which i think would suit kate completely. Then after the wedding its what she going to wear for the after-party (kate must just be like FOR FUCKS SAKE 24/7). Out of the choices for her after-party dress my favorites are Valentino and Amanda Wakeley, which would both look fantastic.

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