Giorgio Armani Prive couture

I think the new Giorgio Armani Prive couture is amazing, i almost feel like couture today can be split into two categories classic couture and avant garde couture and that was very noticeable in this season, the Armani collection deffinantly fit into the avant garde category but i feel like this collection is a new form of avant garde its not whats expected when someone says avant garde. I loved the architectural feel to this collection because its so different from the Beige's and glittering red carpet fabrics he normally shows in his Prive couture collection and then that whole futurictic alien astronaut look mixed with just a touch of the oriental seen in the disc head pieces and hats shown and then with the metalic fabric that made the light dance of the models as they walked all together making them look like luxurious alien queens drifting down the runway.

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