Giorgio Armani Prive couture

I think the new Giorgio Armani Prive couture is amazing, i almost feel like couture today can be split into two categories classic couture and avant garde couture and that was very noticeable in this season, the Armani collection deffinantly fit into the avant garde category but i feel like this collection is a new form of avant garde its not whats expected when someone says avant garde. I loved the architectural feel to this collection because its so different from the Beige's and glittering red carpet fabrics he normally shows in his Prive couture collection and then that whole futurictic alien astronaut look mixed with just a touch of the oriental seen in the disc head pieces and hats shown and then with the metalic fabric that made the light dance of the models as they walked all together making them look like luxurious alien queens drifting down the runway.



Another of my obssesions is Clare Maguire, I came across the Birmingham singer at the same time as i came across Jessie J (while looking through the MTV brand new acts for 2011) and i fell in love with her, the video for her latest single "The last dance" is fantastic / beautiful, its instantly became one of my favorite music video's, she has this classic elegance to her look and how she sings which really atracts me to her and she just slightly reminds me of a sort of young "non-crazy" cher. Her first album "Light after dark" is out on the 28th of february and i would say to everyone get your ass out there and buy it because it looks amazing.


Alexis Mabille couture

Its time for the couture shows again and the Giorgio Armani Prive Couture show is happening right now as im writting this, this is the type of fashion i live for and the whole reason why i always wanted to go into fashion. The spring-summer 2011 couture shows kicked off this morning with Alexis Mabille and the actual show was just beautiful as expected, set in the Musee Bourdelle art gallery the models drifted through the marble floors of the gallery in designs that where reminiscent of what classic european couture is all about, effortless elegance.


Another of my obssesions is the luxury accessories brand Tour De Force, the brand is based in east London and was founded by the Gibraltarian designer Camille Roman who has previously worked at studios for the likes of Lanvin, Zac Posen and Johnny loves Rosie. The brand has shown its accessories in the likes of Vogue, Zink, Dazed, Tank and Company and has a few celebrity followers including Diana Vickers, Lady Gaga and Paloma Faith (who is a big fan).


Giles Pre-Fall

The imagery used in the new Giles pre-fall collection is amazing that whole over exposed flash quality mixed with no background or shadows is just amazing. The actuall clothing in the collection is also very good but just a little bit Pret-a-Porter for my liking there are some amazing piece's like the long sleeved black knitted handkerchief dress, the black feather mohawk skull cap and the fantastic long black funnel neck dress which is just so almost 19th century but still modern at the same and has such a monarchy quality to it.


Another of my recent obsseions is the newest winner of the Brit Award's critic's choice award Jessie J, Following in the footsteps of Adele , Florence and the machine and Ellie Goulding great things are already expected from the 22 year old essex singer. She performed at the Brit Awards launch event on the 13th of january where i think she looked amazing (wasent crazy about the accoustic version of 'Do it like a dude' she sung) she was decked out in british designers, wearing a pair of open pleated PPQ shorts and a chain linked top by Tour De Force the whole look was just fantastic.


Celine pre-fall

Theres no doubt that Celine is the master of minimalism and mens tailoring for women which i think is the reason why i love Celine because i really like that whole androgynous look (in modiration of course) but i just wish Celine would add a tiny bit more sex to its collection's. Celine's new pre-fall collection has this sort of slight mid-seventies feel that i think is really cool, the tailoring in the collection is beautiful as usuall and we also see the use of the signature Celine leather t-shirt in the collecton,